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a flower for you

a private place

abstract girl

biblical scene

blue flower wallpaper

bouquet & little animals

bouquet triangles


butterfly fantasy

colored bricks

composition in yellow, black, and white

dog Dog

doghorsepod with flowers

don juan

energy strings

female torso


floral wallpaper

forest creatures and pond

girl with bouquet and boyfriend

woman with green eyes

guitar time

heart and energy flowers

horse in pasture


horses grazing

illusions atmosphere

iris in summer

janet in doorway

june landscape

kisses from the deep

last peyote trip

lighthouse self-portrait

lily pond sketch

man standing against a lavender background

milky way galaxy

new year bouquet

old house front porch


orange china dream

pink world 3

rainbow forest

rastafarian self-portrait

roses and dirt

sarah vaughn

self-portrait as surrealist in yellow and green shirt

self-portrait by stairway

sheets still-life

sky composition

soulful memories self-portrait

soup and lsd


giant statue of mary

storm clouds 9

old-time storm

striped self-portrait

sunrise painted fish

swamp in winter

swirly twirly world

the klaus von beullow residence

window 11 golden day flood

wisconsin dells panorama

woman with headdress

yellow light

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